Furniture and mannequins

  • Antique french table - Louis XVI-
    Antique french table - Louis XVI-

    Antique french one.

    Marble on top.

    Oval modell; very unique

    Timeless beauty.

    Very stylish in every interior.

    No damages.

    Look at all the beautiful details

    € 795,00
  • Round table
    Round table

    Round is hot at the moment; even as the pure wood colour.

    Lovely to use as dining table.

    Heavy big item

    Has some spots; see pics. Nothing big for his age.

    Solid and stable

    1.20m wide


    We mail you after ordering about…

    € 285,00
  • Antique french chair
    Antique french chair

    A real beauty.

    Complete in tact; the frame. Look at all those beautiful details......

    The fabric has some damage but it also has an under fabric.

    Stylish object in your interior

    Solid and good to use this one.

    € 185,00
  • Child mannequin bust
    Child mannequin bust

    So beautiful.

    Small child size. The fabric is a bit shabby but it gives so much charm to it.

    Wooden arm discs.

    Lovely small size

    excl. the angelwings



    € 195,00
  • Counter

    Antique french counter. We immediately fell in love for this one. Both sides are so beautiful; the patina, the old wood, the tiny drawer. Has some tiny damages in the wood due to his age; nothing big

    Has old wood worm traces but…

    € 395,00
  • Antique french chair
    Antique french chair

    Almost an art object. In good condition. Really an very old one.




    € 119,00
  • French mannequin
    French mannequin

    Size 44 in lovely light naturell

    € 198,00
  • French counter mannequin
    French counter mannequin

    Small counter size.

    Love these.

    Always beautiful.


    € 198,00
  • Display cabinet
    Display cabinet

    Lovely model; for all your beauties. On the last pic you can see a tiny chip in the glass, nothing big.

    After ordering you will get a mail about the rail shipping costs; they can be different

    upperside 60x21

    under 30x59


    € 295,00
  • Antique french chair
    Antique french chair

    In a lovely autumn colour. Just one for decoration or one for your cat. Not for using yourself.

    Love the details and the lovely patin and back of this one.

    Old french style

    The ornaments on the top are not completely in tact…

    € 69,00
  • French bistro table
    French bistro table

    In a unique form. We seldom see this kind of shape.

    In good solid stable condition. Has a kind of metal around the table top.

    Look at the beautiful foot.

    Lovely one for in the garden or in your home for a plant on top.


    € 249,00
  • Silk mannequin -Stockman Paris-
    Silk mannequin -Stockman Paris-

    Lovely silk french lady. A bit shabby, but nothing big. I love here this way.

    Timeless beauty in your interior

    waist 75cm

    € 225,00
  • Pied de stalle
    Pied de stalle

    In lovely gold/pink. Beautiful in every interior.

    Twisted wood.

    1m high


    € 225,00
  • Antique french side table
    Antique french side table

    Were used by the women for doing the laundry.

    Now a lovely white/naturel colour.

    Old wood.

    Beauty in your home

    Stylish table

    € 250,00
  • Antique french chair
    Antique french chair

    A real real beauty in original white paint. Webbing sitting and webbing at the back.

    By interest we have two of these, mail for more info for the two.

    We sell them per piece

    THis is one.

    sitting 39x42,5


    look at the…

    € 185,00
  • Pied de stalle
    Pied de stalle

    Gold. Marble top and webbing below. Beautiful details in the wood.



    € 225,00
  • French chair
    French chair

    Beautiful french chair. Only the upper fabric is missing. You can use it this way or make some new fabric on the sitting. In good, solide condition. We have four of these price per piece.

    You can use these easily on a daily…

    € 149,00
  • French hocker
    French hocker

    A classic french item. Solid. A beauty.



    € 185,00
  • Antique french drawer
    Antique french drawer
    € 185,00
  • French child chair
    French child chair
    € 45,00
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