Furniture and mannequins

  • Antique french café table
    Antique french café table

    Old white antique one.

    Such a beauty.

    Love the patina of this one.

    A lovely size for a side table.

    Look how beautiful the details are

    Rare model

    Solid table

    1m x 50 cm


    € 475,00
  • Mannequin

    French mannequin.

    Love the patina of this beauty.

    Has a spot on the left in the linen; not damaged in the body.

    Lovely black foot and top.

    Timeless beauty I think

    size 46

    € 189,00
  • French chateau garden fauteuil
    French chateau garden fauteuil

    Unique set! LARGE BIG ones! High and wide model. In magnifique condition! Mostly we see the with the back side broken so this is the first pair we found in such lovely condition. The back side is springy feels like a pillow; so…

    € 398,00
  • Unique french chaise longue
    Unique french chaise longue

    Love this one! Lovely if you have a big room as chill place. Gecapitionneerd. Solid and good to use for daily use.

    Look at the special leg at the back. Very unique and this makes it so solid. Has wheels so easy to move.

    We will…

    € 695,00
  • Antique french woven rattan wicker table
    Antique french woven rattan wicker table

    circa 1920 French woven rattan table in natural split reed with blue painted reed stripes

    Exceptional craftsmanship and design

    Bamboo frame

    French provencial



    € 398,00
  • Antique french bow chair
    Antique french bow chair

    Look how beautiful. With the original fabric and also under fabric. Look how rich detailed. The lovely bow on top and the two balls next to it.

    Solid so good to use.

    Look at the images for the details.

    In lived condition

    € 175,00
  • French table/ bureau
    French table/ bureau

    In a vanille colour with a big drawer.

    Lovely size for a child bureau or as a side table in your home.

    Lovely also as a dressing table.



    € 225,00
  • French child daybed
    French child daybed

    In a lovely soft summer colour. Look how beautifully detailed. In this small size is very rare. Lovely in your living or under your porch in the garden.

    Fill it with lots of plaids etc. Has wooden feet. One of wood cover is…

    € 485,00
  • French Louis XVI fauteuil
    French Louis XVI fauteuil

    French antique fauteuil with lovely roses fabric. Stylish and decorative in every style. Solid and stable


    € 298,00
  • Unique french bistro table
    Unique french bistro table

    A bit bigger than the smaller ones you see more often and the legs of this beauty have a kind of swirl in it.

    In good solid/stable condtion.

    Not much rust on it.

    Lovely in your interior and stylish on your terrace



    € 139,00
  • Old french child chair
    Old french child chair

    Love this one. Lovely jaded. For your child or for decoration with an old bear on it.


    € 45,00
  • Banque de mairie
    Banque de mairie

    Old one. Very long banque. Love this unique piece.

    A bit shabby due to his age; no big damages


    we mail you after ordering about the correct shipping costs

    Very stylish in a long hallway or interior

    2.38x36 h 57

    € 495,00
  • Antique french dressing table
    Antique french dressing table

    An unique antique french beautiful dressing table. Louis XVI style. This table has a beautiful top with two little drawers and a lovely oval mirror.

    Marble on top.

    So many gorgeous details in the wood. Real art. Made with so…

    € 595,00
  • Antique french table - Louis XVI-
    Antique french table - Louis XVI-

    Antique french one.

    Marble on top.

    Oval modell; very unique

    Timeless beauty.

    Very stylish in every interior.

    No damages.

    Look at all the beautiful details

    € 495,00
  • Counter

    Antique french counter. We immediately fell in love for this one. Both sides are so beautiful; the patina, the old wood, the tiny drawer. Has some tiny damages in the wood due to his age; nothing big

    Has old wood worm traces but…

    € 395,00 € 350,00
  • Antique french chair
    Antique french chair

    Almost an art object. In good condition. Really an very old one.




    € 119,00
  • Antique french chair
    Antique french chair

    In a lovely autumn colour. Just one for decoration or one for your cat. Not for using yourself.

    Love the details and the lovely patin and back of this one.

    Old french style

    The ornaments on the top are not completely in tact…

    € 69,00
  • Antique french chair
    Antique french chair

    A real real beauty in original white paint. Webbing sitting and webbing at the back.

    By interest we have two of these, mail for more info for the two.

    We sell them per piece

    THis is one.

    sitting 39x42,5


    look at the…

    € 149,00
  • French chair
    French chair

    Beautiful french chair. Only the upper fabric is missing. You can use it this way or make some new fabric on the sitting. In good, solide condition. We have four of these price per piece.

    You can use these easily on a daily…

    € 149,00
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