Boudoir accessoires

  • French antique calender
    French antique calender

    Dated from 1908

    Cardboard with a very decorative front side. How they lived those days

    Can stand or lay it in a vitrine for decoration.


    € 25,00
  • Beautiful french wreath/crown
    Beautiful french wreath/crown

    An adult size so not so small this one. Look at all the beautiful details.

    Pearls/wax/flowers/ a rose


    € 85,00
  • Old monogram letters D - Paris -
    Old monogram letters D - Paris -

    A bit bigger than the smallest ones of these.

    Lovely decorative old ones.

    You can use them decorative or make them on a pillow or something like that.

    Price per piece


    € 6,50
  • French bijouterie box
    French bijouterie box

    Small old french one. With thick original glass and blue pillow in it.

    Lovely for your most beautiful items.


    € 55,00
  • Ciel de lit
    Ciel de lit

    Antique ciel de lit from France. Giltwood. In used condition. Lovely for above a bed. For a four poster bed idee.



    € 98,00
  • French fabric box
    French fabric box

    With this fabric one of the most beautiful fabric boxes.

    With roses and pastels


    € 98,00
  • Wax corsage
    Wax corsage

    21 cm long

    Lovely corsage of old french wax flowers.

    Very decorative

    € 19,95
  • Old hand bag
    Old hand bag

    Complete from iron/metal.

    Old one; very decorative


    € 39,95
  • French bow
    French bow

    Love this one with pompons flowers and branches. It is a part of something but still so decorative.

    Old french artwork.



    € 119,00
  • Buch frenc copper leaves
    Buch frenc copper leaves

    Ultimate french this. Lovely old one. Can stand itself or lovely in a french jardiniere

    € 75,00
  • French fabrication de la dentelle pillow
    French fabrication de la dentelle pillow

    Used for making lace. Very lovely item; very decorative. Love the fabric.

    Maybe you can learn to make lace on it again.


    € 45,00
  • Half doll
    Half doll

    In lovely nude pink.

    Porselain in tact

    Only one spot at her dress/ bit shabby see pic. Nothing big

    Love this one!


  • Crown

    Lovely one with stones

    Lovely decorative one.


    € 65,00
  • French bijouterie bowl
    French bijouterie bowl

    Lovely art work. Blue glass in a schelf model in holder. Look at all the beautiful details.

    Has one line; see last picture. Still solid. Price a bit reduced

    € 45,00
  • Wax crown
    Wax crown

    BIG one. Adult size. Lovely old one. Look how beautiful.

    Lovely for decoration.


    € 135,00
  • French fabric bag
    French fabric bag

    Lovely old french bag with flowers.

    Lovely for decoration.


    € 20,00
  • Half doll with shelves
    Half doll with shelves

    Love this one. With shelves with don't see them often. Of course not all the shelves are there but no big damages.

    The upper body is biscuit porcelain and complete in tact.

    Love this beauty.

    € 95,00
  • Points

    Lovely pair. Shiny abricot pair. For a spring touch in your interior.

    Always good for decoration


    € 35,00
  • French bridal ornament
    French bridal ornament

    Look how beautiful. So many lovely details......old tiny mirror glass, a velours pillow metal leaves.......

    Very decorative object.



    € 139,00
  • Counter mannequin
    Counter mannequin

    They used to stand on the counters of the french shops.

    Lovely small size on iron foot.

    Lovely timeless beauty.

    € 189,00
  • Silver plated rattle
    Silver plated rattle

    Lovely duck. Lovely ones to collect or give this beauty to a newborn baby.

    € 25,00
  • Sofa doll
    Sofa doll

    Beautiful french lady.

    Look at her hands/ she has none her jacket are here arms.

    Love this french lady.

    Lovely handpainted face.


    € 85,00
  • Bow

    Lovely old french one. In the original box

    For decoration or for on a mannequin.


    € 25,00
  • Wax corsage
    Wax corsage

    Old french one.

    Lovely to decorate with.


    € 22,50
  • Wreath

    Lovely old french flower wreath/crown.

    A beauty for decoration.

    € 22,50
  • d' ecran de bougie
    d' ecran de bougie

    How it exactly works........ it is from paper/cardboard in metal cadre.

    You place a candle behind it and it will glow through the paper.

    Lovely decoration

    I think place it in front of a glass candle and with a light behind it…

    € 25,00
  • French bridal object
    French bridal object

    A unique french frame/ chest filled with the most beautiful french decoration. Lovely plaster decoration on the frame and in the box a peach coloured pillow; a lovely wax crown and guirlandes and biscuit roses.

    It can stand…

    € 145,00
  • Vitrine

    Lovely glass vitrine; to display your most beautiful items in.

    Not antique; brocant.

    In pale pink; hot at the moment this colour.



    € 65,00
  • Points  PARIS
    Points PARIS

    Small size lovely old ones.

    Lovely for decoration.

    In spring lovely for a pastel touch in your home.

    19 cm

    marked Paris

    € 35,00
  • French copper bouquet
    French copper bouquet

    Ultimate french this is. A lovely branch with so many lovely details in beautiful colours.

    Lovely decoration in a french jardinier or hang it at the wall.

    80/85cm high

    € 119,00
  • Crown

    An adult size

    With wax and beads

    Lovely for decoration.


    € 75,00
  • Wax lady
    Wax lady

    The pictures speak for themself.

    A beautiful wax lady with child.

    A real beauty.

    Her hand is not in tact.


    € 65,00
  • Epaulette

    A beauty with silver threat.

    Lovely item for decoration.


    Old french

    22cm high

    € 39,95
  • Victorian button boots
    Victorian button boots

    Mostly you'll find them with laces in it; this pair has buttons.

    Lovely patina.

    Old victorian ones.


    Beautiful decoration



    € 198,00
  • Pack hair clips
    Pack hair clips

    Old french ones in lovely package.

    Never used before.

    Lovely for decoration

    Price per package.

    Don't know exactly how much you will find in the package.

    7,5cm per piece

    € 2,50
  • French flower bouquet
    French flower bouquet

    So beautiful

    So many beautiful details

    The bow is very fragil and not complete in tact; bit shabby


    € 39,00
  • Half doll
    Half doll

    Lovely french lady in pastel tones.

    So decorative


    € 85,00
  • French parfum bottle Paris - Guerlain-
    French parfum bottle Paris - Guerlain-

    Not the old antique bottle which we also have but this is a replica of it.

    Lovely in a boudoir atmosphere or in your bathroom.

    Love the honeybees all around it.

    Stylish decoration in your interior.

    On the last image you can…

    € 35,00
  • Poor men silver jar
    Poor men silver jar

    Lovely handpainted at the outside.

    Beautiful gold inside.

    Old french one



    € 55,00
  • Ointment pot
    Ointment pot

    Old one. Blind mark on the back.

    Stylish on a table. Art design.



    € 25,00
  • Bread doll
    Bread doll

    Small one. Old french.


    € 35,00
  • Huge french box
    Huge french box

    Love this one! From a clothing store in lovely soft blue with beautiful top. Cardboard. An old one so one side is a bit shabby but still in tact.

    Unique huge box



  • Bridal ornament
    Bridal ornament

    So many details: biscuit flower, a picture, 2 mirrors, wax flowers

    A real french beauty


    € 149,00
  • Victorian button boots
    Victorian button boots

    Needs no words.....a lovely pair.


    Stylish and timeles in your interior



    € 239,00
  • Wax corsage
    Wax corsage

    With wires and wax flowers. Lovely for decoration.

    Old french one

    10 cm measured without the wires

    € 25,00
  • Lovely french velours handbag
    Lovely french velours handbag

    Old french one in lovely old pink velours.

    Lovely for decoration

    € 25,00
  • French wooden puppet
    French wooden puppet

    From wood


    Lovely for decoration.

    Love all the details; like crown and stones on her dress


    € 149,00
  • Leather doll
    Leather doll

    Lovely face and beautiful white leather body


    € 139,00
  • Eau de cologne bottle
    Eau de cologne bottle

    collectors item. From Paris. With original label. Bees all around


    € 65,00
  • Half doll lady
    Half doll lady

    Love this one! The special colours are so gorgeous! Her body is very heavy. Almost a design item.

    Biscuit porcelain.

    French beauty


    € 139,00
  • Bijoux box
    Bijoux box

    Lovely old french one with blue pillow inside. Look at the beautiful details on the side. Old glass on the top.


    € 55,00
  • Wooden hat stand
    Wooden hat stand

    Lovely old french one.

    You can see some flowers on it.......


    € 39,95
  • Picture frame celluloid
    Picture frame celluloid

    Old french one. Has one tear in the right above, nothing big.

    Can stand itself


    € 25,00
  • Half doll lady
    Half doll lady

    An gorgeous one this french lady. Look at the beautiful shelves under her skirt.

    We rarely find one with shelves.

    Love this beauty!


    I think she misses a tip from one finger, you can hardly see if this is original or…

    € 125,00
  • Antique french bag
    Antique french bag

    Totally made of lots of beads. Missing some beads due to his age. In the bag and hanging below but nothing big due to his age.

    Old handmade


    € 49,95
  • Points

    Always beautiful for decoration.

    Old french ones


    € 35,00
  • Fabric box
    Fabric box

    In lovely soft tones. Full of flowers


    € 45,00
  • Half doll lady
    Half doll lady

    I immediately fell in love with this one. Look how beautiful. The dress is gorgeous!

    She misses her hands but her.


    € 55,00
  • French parasol
    French parasol

    In beautiful naturel.

    Lovely to decorate with.

    95cm big

    € 45,00
  • French doll size pillow
    French doll size pillow

    Lovely with a duck on top.

    Small one.


    € 17,50
  • French calender 1904
    French calender 1904

    With a lovely decoration on the front

    With soft green papers inside.

    Real old one


    € 39,00
  • French bridal box
    French bridal box

    A real beauty. In good condition with glass in front and at the sides. Incl. contenct.


    h 26,5

    € 275,00
  • Ciel de lit
    Ciel de lit

    Bois doré for above your bed with some beautiful curtains.

    1.45 long

    19 deep

    See the images. The ornaments are not complete in tact due to his age en some paint is missing.

    € 249,00
  • French doll
    French doll

    Beauty. How I love her beautiful face.


    € 55,00
  • Antique french booklet/folder 1904
    Antique french booklet/folder 1904

    Hardcover. Love the front.


    € 39,00
  • French parasol
    French parasol

    Bit shabby at one site still very adorable

    € 65,00
  • French flower branch
    French flower branch

    Lovely to decorate with. Beautiful in a french vase


    € 79,00
  • Bag carrier
    Bag carrier
    € 7,50
  • French fabric box
    French fabric box
    € 59,00
  • Olive soap
    Olive soap
    € 15,00
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