Unique finds

  • French chateau garden fauteuil
    French chateau garden fauteuil

    Unique set! LARGE BIG ones! High and wide model. In magnifique condition! Mostly we see the with the back side broken so this is the first pair we found in such lovely condition. The back side is springy feels like a pillow; so…

    € 398,00
  • French HUGE girandole
    French HUGE girandole

    Complete and in good condition. BIG OBJECT. For 12 candle sticks.


    A statement in every interior.

    h 77w 44,5

    € 595,00
  • Antique sinc pinacle
    Antique sinc pinacle

    With mythologic dragon on top.

    Bit shabby due to his age.

    Still a beauty.




    € 225,00
  • Napoleon mannequin
    Napoleon mannequin

    Unique rare object. Love this so much. Black one. Old wooden under legs. With original wooden arms for a part. On pic 5 you see a small damage in the fabric and the leg has to be filled there a bit. For the rest in lovely…

    € 1.350,00
  • University graduated hat  - PARIS-
    University graduated hat - PARIS-

    UNIQUE object from 1929

    Black velours with gold.

    Lovely for decoration or a special present for someone who has graduated.

    Still good to use



    € 119,00
  • Antique french tabernacle
    Antique french tabernacle

    Antique old one from France. Images speek for themselves. Old thick solid wood. Door in front. Love the patina.

    Unique object

    Heavy object.



    € 498,00
  • Antique french crown
    Antique french crown

    No words needed. A real unique beauty. Not such a small one but a size for an adult.

    Unique object!



    € 495,00
  • Antique french carriage feathers
    Antique french carriage feathers

    Unique antique set of 4 carriage plumes with feathers. Real antique ones. Unique set of four. You will not see them more often.

    3 with feathers on top; one without.



    € 155,00
  • Antique french buste 1947
    Antique french buste 1947

    Antique french plaster buste

    Signed J. Hardy 1947

    On wooden foot.

    Love the gorgeous patina of this beauty.

    How stylish in a design/modern or antique interior.

    Unique object


    € 275,00
  • French shop etalage girl
    French shop etalage girl

    An unique object. incl. her lovely dress. Is standing on a feet so it can stand allone. Has some craquele at her neck; but not damaged only craquele. Not completely around her head only at one side.

    Papier mache


    € 285,00
  • Antique plaquette Société d'Argriculture
    Antique plaquette Société d'Argriculture

    The frame is from sinc. Bit shabby due to his age but still beautiful. Love the patina of the sinc.

    We never saw these before.

    Lovely on your wall.


    € 125,00
  • Antique french head
    Antique french head

    From a statue.


    heavy object

    Unique item! Art object in your interior.


    € 349,00
  • Pinnacle  XXL
    Pinnacle XXL

    Almost 2 m high!! Has a iron ornamant inside so it can stand itself. Lovely statement in your interior.

    1.91 high

    after ordering we will mail you about the exact shipping costs!

    € 250,00
  • Bicorne

    Antique french one.

    Love the patine, colour and jaded.

    43 wide


    € 295,00
  • Marotte

    A real old one.

    No replica!

    Unique item!

    Real beauty


    € 395,00
  • Beautiful antique birds ornament
    Beautiful antique birds ornament

    Old one so no new prepared item. Full of exotic birds. Look at all those beauties and colours. Only the under plate is not complete in tact, A small black slat will solve the problem.

    Unique design item in your…

    € 198,00
  • Antique sedan chair
    Antique sedan chair

    A beautiful big size. Not a tiny one. Lovely flower fabric around.

    Glass plate inside.

    In lovely condition.




    measured without the handles

    € 375,00
  • Boule d`escalier
    Boule d`escalier

    Cristal. Belongs on the stairway.

    Unique design item.


    € 295,00
  • Silver XXXL candle stick
    Silver XXXL candle stick

    Silvered wood. HUGE HUGE size. Real beauty

    Unique item!

    1.01m high!!

    € 495,00
  • French antique sinc vase
    French antique sinc vase

    A bit shabby but this tells his age.

    In sinc you will not find these often



    € 139,00
  • Antique french gobelin wall cloth
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