Unique finds

  • Antique ornament from Florence
    Antique ornament from Florence

    Unique piece! Big one. From Florence. In a lovely pale grey/blue colour. Lovely details. You can see that on the left the bow is half. Still so beautiful.

    A statement in your interior.



    € 398,00
  • Head of wax
    Head of wax

    Adult size.

    Love this beautiful wax head. Has a bit damage on the nose and at one ear. Can stand itself.

    Very decorative and stylish


    € 175,00
  • Antique plaquette Société d'Argriculture
    Antique plaquette Société d'Argriculture

    The frame is from sinc. Bit shabby due to his age but still beautiful. Love the patina of the sinc.

    We never saw these before.

    Lovely on your wall.


    € 175,00
  • Chateau jardinière
    Chateau jardinière

    Beautiful timeless object in every interior.

    Design style.

    Old french one.

    Has some rust but it is an old one.

    Lovely big ears at the sides.

    No damages on the vase.

    Stylish inside and beautiful in the garden



    € 275,00
  • Wooden antique angel ornament
    Wooden antique angel ornament

    You should think this is plaster but no.....it is made from wood.

    Unique object; a real antique one.

    Lovely object


    € 198,00
  • Bridal ornament in glass bell
    Bridal ornament in glass bell

    Complete beautiful set. Look at the lovely details. Richly decorated. Love the old colours.

    Unique object.

    Lovely design art item I think.

    Complete set


    € 225,00
  • Napoleon mannequin
    Napoleon mannequin

    Old unique item!

    Look at the beauty; love this one in lovely mat black, Old wooden boots; they have old wood worm traces but it is treated. Has wooden arms; not complete, see images

    pic 3; one small damage in the fabric and…

    € 1.350,00
  • Antique french head
    Antique french head

    From a statue.


    heavy object

    Unique item! Art object in your interior.


    € 450,00
  • French bridal coffin
    French bridal coffin

    Old one. Unique one. Seldom seen such beautiful one.

    With an angel on top.

    Hearts in the front side

    The bottom is shabby so don't put to many heavy stuff in it.

    It is an antique old one


    € 375,00
  • Santos

    UNIQUE object! Old one, no replica. Look at all the images for all the details and small damages. Nothing big to mention only hands are not complete in tact anymore.

    Origininal old skirt.

    In beautiful lavender blue


  • Pinnacle  XXL
    Pinnacle XXL

    Almost 2 m high!! Has a iron ornamant inside so it can stand itself. Lovely statement in your interior.

    1.91 high

    after ordering we will mail you about the exact shipping costs!

    € 298,00
  • Bicorne

    Antique french one.

    Love the patine, colour and jaded.

    43 wide


    € 350,00
  • French bust
    French bust

    From a politicus. Lovel HUGE one.

    Stylish in your interior

    Has a chip on the foot, nothing big for his age.

    Timeless object



    € 350,00
  • Marotte

    A real old one.

    No replica!

    Unique item!

    Real beauty


    € 450,00
  • Francaises

    Unique sign! You will not find an other one of this very quickly.

    Love signs! Always beautiful in every interior.


    € 275,00
  • Sweet heart
    Sweet heart

    Never seen such rich decorated beauty befor. Look at all the details.

    Once made for the one you love most.

    Unique one!


    € 249,00
  • Beautiful antique birds ornament
    Beautiful antique birds ornament

    Old one so no new prepared item. Full of exotic birds. Look at all those beauties and colours. Only the under plate is not complete in tact, A small black slat will solve the problem.

    Unique design item in your…

    € 239,00
  • Antique sedan chair
    Antique sedan chair

    A beautiful big size. Not a tiny one. Lovely flower fabric around.

    Glass plate inside.

    In lovely condition.




    measured without the handles

    € 425,00
  • Silver XXXL candle stick
    Silver XXXL candle stick

    Silvered wood. HUGE HUGE size. Real beauty

    Unique item!

    1.01m high!!

    € 495,00
  • Etalage doll
    Etalage doll

    Unique item. Look how adorable she is.

    On the sides at here face you can see some damage. Nothing big for her age.

    Unique piece!

    No other damages. incl. dress and stander. So she can stand on her own.


    € 398,00
  • Antique french birds
    Antique french birds

    Unique designer item with old birds on it.

    Grape branch


    € 225,00
  • French church pipes
    French church pipes

    From a church organ

    1.61,5 is the highest one

    Beautiful handpainted.

    Unique set from 3

    € 179,00
  • French antique sinc vase
    French antique sinc vase

    A bit shabby but this tells his age.

    In sinc you will not find these often



    € 175,00
  • Antique french gobelin wall cloth
  • Sinc pinnacle
    Sinc pinnacle
    € 149,00
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