• Unique big antique french garden cloche
    Unique big antique french garden cloche

    We never had them this big size! Unique object! Glass all in tact

    We have a set of these; 2 in stock.

    Price per piece

    If you want both; please mail

    wide 58 cm!

    Cast iron

    € 498,00
  • French chateau garden fauteuil
    French chateau garden fauteuil

    Unique set! LARGE BIG ones! High and wide model. In magnifique condition! Mostly we see the with the back side broken so this is the first pair we found in such lovely condition. The back side is springy feels like a pillow; so…

    € 398,00
  • French bottle/ dry rack
    French bottle/ dry rack

    No damages in perfect condition. Hig model. Lovely in the kitchen for all your mugs and also beautiful in the garden.

    Also sometimes used as Christmas tree. Fill it with all your old ornaments.

    1.01m high

    € 125,00
  • Old sinc watering can
    Old sinc watering can

    Old one. Bottom in tact.

    Lovely object in the garden

    € 39,00
  • Old french iron wine barrel
    Old french iron wine barrel

    Mostly they are from wood. This one will last for years.

    Lovely for plants in it or an olive tree

    We have two similar of these

    So lovely for a front door on both sides

    You can see the corck in the hole for the wine


    € 125,00
  • Beautiful bath tub
    Beautiful bath tub

    In a lovely colour with gorgeous patina.

    Lovely in your garden as a pond or place it in your interior to fill it with plaids or lots of magazines




    € 155,00
  • Jardinière

    Classic model

    Always good as well in your interior as in the garden


    € 85,00
  • Set of two black jardinières
    Set of two black jardinières

    The colour of the moment. Love this set of french jardinieres.

    Beautiful patina

    No damages

    Stylish objects in every interior


    € 198,00
  • Terra cotta garden plugs
    Terra cotta garden plugs

    Old french ones. Decorative and lovely in your garden.

    We will pick a beautiful one for you.

    Price per piece


    € 29,95
  • French antique bistro table
    French antique bistro table

    Special one. Look at the top beautifully detailled and below a lovely swirl.


    Big size table


    € 225,00
  • Design planter
    Design planter

    Designed by Willy Guhl.

    Lovely planter


    A beauty in your garden or home

    61h w37

    € 198,00
  • Antique chateau vase
    Antique chateau vase

    BIG one. From a french manor house or castle. Mostly one at each side at the entrance.

    In lived condition so not in perfect condition anymore see the pics.

    A statement in your garden

    We have a pair of these. Price per piece. By…

    € 150,00
  • Unique french bistro table
    Unique french bistro table

    A bit bigger than the smaller ones you see more often and the legs of this beauty have a kind of swirl in it.

    In good solid/stable condtion.

    Not much rust on it.

    Lovely in your interior and stylish on your terrace



    € 139,00
  • Melon cloche
    Melon cloche

    Antique french big melon cloche in matt watergreen colour.

    For garden or in your home

    € 125,00
  • French garden vase
    French garden vase

    Concrete BIG one as you can see on the last picture. Love the patina on the outside. Very beautiful

    Fill it with plants or shelves; stylish on your dining table and decorative in your garden.


    € 125,00
  • Huge antique french obelisk
    Huge antique french obelisk

    A real statement. Unique french item for in the royal gardens. Almost 2 meters high. Lovely decorative. Used as a climber for your roses. Wooden ball on top.

    Heavy item

    Unique statement in your garden.

    We will mail you…

    € 695,00
  • French white bistro table
    French white bistro table

    Always good in every interior. In your home or in your garden. In lovely conditon.

    Always love this tables.

    French one.



    € 139,00
  • Jardinière

    Big chateau jardiniere. Round model. Heavy one. Love this models. Always beautiful. On a console or on your table; in the garden.

    Size will folllow.....

    € 165,00
  • Lion

    Concrete. Lovely old one. Beautiful for in your interior or for in the garden.

    Has one little chip by the right ear.


    € 35,00
  • Jardinière

    A big one. Complete in tact. No damages. Love this big size. Lovely in your interior or in the garden.

    Love this colour.



    € 239,00
  • French bistro table
    French bistro table

    In a model we rarely see; square. In good old condition. No damages. Look at the beautiful lining and the lion feet.


    € 225,00
  • Jardinière

    Particular model; round.

    With lovely details.

    Lovely in your home or on the garden table.

    Bottom in good old condition.


    € 95,00
  • Jardiniere

    Old french one. Lovely size for a coffee table.

    Love the patina and it looks almost like a basket



    € 65,00
  • Obelisk

    Huge unique garden object. Were used for climbing plants in your garden; like roses.

    In good solid condition and no damages.

    The shape is just how it was made it is bending a bit to the front; but this is how it was made.


    € 225,00
  • Antique french vase
    Antique french vase

    A huge size; you can't see it on the pics. Bigger than the ones you are used to. Has a beautiful enamel white layer.

    Has a damage; price reduced. If you place a hanging plant in it you hardly notice it or turn it to the…

    € 75,00
  • Border plugs/ Garden plugs
    Border plugs/ Garden plugs

    Cast iron.

    Price per piece

    Lovely patina.

    Very decorative in every garden

    40LONG 18W

    € 19,00
  • Sinc chestnut pan
    Sinc chestnut pan

    Lovely item to place on your table, with candles in it or fill it with summer flowers.

    wide 37,5

    € 39,95
  • Versaille vase
    Versaille vase

    A brocant one, not an antique one.

    Lovely on your table in your home or in the garden.

    Love this white one.


    € 39,95
  • Set of two identical versaille vases
    Set of two identical versaille vases

    Set of two, in lovely grey patina.



    € 119,00
  • French vase
    French vase

    From albast.

    Beauty in your home or garden

    Little chip, not a big one.

    Beauty and timeless object

    Price is a bit reduced



    € 98,00
  • French vase
    French vase

    Chateau vase! Lovely in your home or in your garden



    € 150,00
  • Huge french vase XL size
    Huge french vase XL size

    Does not look so big on the pictures but this is a beautiful huge size.

    For on a long dinning table or a beautiful console.

    Lovely old patine.

    wide 46cm

    hig 30,5

    € 225,00
  • French vase
    French vase

    Always good. Fill it with spring flowers


    € 25,00
  • French vase
    French vase
    € 55,00
  • Antique french ornament
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