• SOLD

  • SOLD

    Antique vitrine cabinet
    Antique vitrine cabinet

    Such a beauty this is! Louis XVI.

    Look at all the beautiful detials this cabinet has.

    Glass in tact.


    We will mail you afterwards about the exact shipping costs



  • Antique ornament from Florence
    Antique ornament from Florence

    Unique piece! Big one. From Florence. In a lovely pale grey/blue colour. Lovely details. You can see that on the left the bow is half. Still so beautiful.

    A statement in your interior.



  • SOLD

    Antique apple catcher
    Antique apple catcher

    Old antique french apple cather. Lovely object. Now also used for making hanglamps these days. Old bamboo stick with it.

    Also lovely with a waxine in it.

    Unique object



  • Antique portrait
    Antique portrait

    Dated at the back. Very old one. Antique one. It is painted in a specific style so you can see its age.

    Has some small spots due to his age nothing big.



    Silver plated french champagne cooler
    Silver plated french champagne cooler

    A stylish item on your table.

    Lovely model

    A real beauty


  • French antique jacket
    French antique jacket

    A real beauty. In very good condtion. The fabric is in a beautiful blue with a glanze of pink. So gorgeous!

    On the arms a white fringe/edge.


  • SOLD

    Old sud french jug
    Old sud french jug

    BIG ONE! So measure it for the exact size. Not a small one.

    Lovely for a big bunch of fieldflowers.

    Love the colour a bit yellow/orange and the innerside is beautiful vanilla .

    One chip see pic 3 nothing big


  • SOLD


    Such a beauty

    From France

    Lovely terracotta putti

    Has some damages due to the age; look at the pictures.

    Such a lovely patina and face



  • SOLD

    Silk mannequin -Stockman Paris-
    Silk mannequin -Stockman Paris-

    Lovely silk french lady. A bit shabby, but nothing big. I love here this way.

    Timeless beauty in your interior

    waist 75cm

  • Cloche

    Beautiful colour and grip.

    Love the pearl edge all around

    To hang in your kitchen or to style your table with.

    € 55,00
  • French antique canapé sofa
    French antique canapé sofa



    sitting hight 40cm

  • Sweet heart
    Sweet heart

    Never seen such rich decorated beauty befor. Look at all the details.

    Once made for the one you love most.

    Unique one!


  • Porcelain shaker
    Porcelain shaker

    Hard to find

    See on top of it; there is a damage in it.

    Blindmark on the bottom

    No replica


  • Antique french daybed 18th century
    Antique french daybed 18th century

    UNIQUE OBJECT! You will not quickly find a second one of this one. Look at all the details. Almost as big as a real bed.

    Webbing underneat but in a miraculous good condtion.

    Look at this richly decorated wood.



  • SOLD

    Old powder white points
    Old powder white points

    So beautiful this white pair with a nuance of pink.

    So decorative

  • SOLD

    Stylish BIG white pot/ vase
    Stylish BIG white pot/ vase

    So stylish this one.

    For an olive tree or an other big plant.

    We have a pair so by interest mail for the other one.

    We sell them seperately.


  • SOLD

    Antique french glass lights
    Antique french glass lights

    Old unregular glass in rare amber colour

    For lights

    Price per piece

    7 cm high

  • SOLD

    Antique french crinoline
    Antique french crinoline

    A bit shabby but it has been used a complete life.

    From about 1830

    Unique piece

  • Huge french box
    Huge french box

    Love this one! From a clothing store in lovely soft blue with beautiful top. Cardboard. An old one so one side is a bit shabby but still in tact.

    Unique huge box



  • Half doll
    Half doll

    In lovely nude pink.

    Porselain in tact

    Only one spot at her dress/ bit shabby see pic. Nothing big

    Love this one!


  • SOLD

    Ceiling tile
    Ceiling tile

    Lovely BIG one. Such beautiful decoration. Hang it at your wall as a design object.

    BIG size


  • Child buste
    Child buste

    How beautiful this small size is..........

    Wooden details and the linen is beautiful due to his age.

    Lovely and stylish for decoration.


    € 189,00 € 175,00
  • Head of wax
    Head of wax

    Adult size.

    Love this beautiful wax head. Has a bit damage on the nose and at one ear. Can stand itself.

    Very decorative and stylish


  • Rose quartz
    Rose quartz

    A big/huge one. 8 kilo's so you can imagine it is a big one.

    Love this big piece of design.

    Old one from France.

    As you can see on pic. 3 it needs a small stand to make it beautiful straight. It can stand alone but it goes a…


    Beautiful image on cardboard
    Beautiful image on cardboard

    Lovely one with beautiful patina. From Paris.

    exact measurements will follow about 60/70 cm

  • Carpet grey rose
    Carpet grey rose

    In lovely soft tones


  • Antique french jewelry box
    Antique french jewelry box

    A real beauty. With guirlandes and a beautiful velours pillow.

    Glass in tact and also the legs.

    Real beauty.

    Exl. jewelry



  • Swan

    Beautiful swan. Concrete so very heavy

    By ordering you will get the right shipping costs afterwards,


  • Cloche

    A real beauty this old french one. Complete with the glass inside. The glass has a chip and one spot but nothing big.

    Love the white old patina en look at the authentic lovely handle.

    Unique object.

    Lovely for Christmas with a…

  • Silver plated huge cloche
    Silver plated huge cloche

    Always beautiful! Love this size and patina.



  • SOLD

    Old clothing rack
    Old clothing rack

    Old french one in an old green. Love this one. Also place for you shoes. HIGH model. Lovely for displaying all your beauties.

    We will mail you afterwards about shipping/ delivery.




  • Venetian mirror
    Venetian mirror

    In lovely condition. Large size.


  • Drawer cabinet
    Drawer cabinet

    A beauty. Love the patina of this beauty.

    Beautiful old wood with 3 drawers.



  • Ametist on foot
    Ametist on foot

    A lovely object on a coffee table.

    Very stylish



  • French candle holder
    French candle holder

    French one, with flowers.

    Always beautiful


  • SOLD

    Candy container bunny
    Candy container bunny

    Lovely old one

    papier mache

    Very decorative for easter.


  • SOLD

    Antique french side table
    Antique french side table

    Unique beautiful almost white wooden piece/table.

  • Santos

    UNIQUE object! Old one, no replica. Look at all the images for all the details and small damages. Nothing big to mention only hands are not complete in tact anymore.

    Origininal old skirt.

    In beautiful lavender blue


  • SOLD

    Melon cloche
    Melon cloche

    This is the lower variant which we spot less more than the bigger ones.

    In beautiful thick watergreen old glass.

    Lovely in your home or in the garden.

    Timeless beauty.


  • SOLD


    Marble beauty. Love this design items/objects.

    Timeless beauty.

    Love the dark marble.

    Stylish object.



  • Pied de stalle
    Pied de stalle

    Lovely and stylish antique french table for a plant/girandole or statue.

    Marble on top and webbing below

    Timeless in your interior.


  • SOLD


    A beauty. Lovely old one. Complete and working.

    Beautiful crystals.

    French beauty

  • Still life painting 1934
    Still life painting 1934

    Stylish and timeless.

    Beautiful in a kitchen.

    Has a little spot, see image 3, nothing big

    from 1934




    Huge size. Looks not so big as it is on the pictures.


    Has some black on it and pink

    You could remove it maybe if you want but we love it just this way.

    Looks like a real art object.

    Look at the lovely tiara in her…

  • Drawer

    A lovely size on a bureau or table in your home. Handy for all your small things.

    Also beautiful on a kids room



    deep 34,5


    Cherub Corbel
    Cherub Corbel

    This unique french beauty is a real eye cather in your interior.

    Has some damage; see the pictures but still a timeless beauty.

    A real statement!

    Love this one.




  • SOLD

    Beautiful statue
    Beautiful statue

    In lovely blue. Love this beauty.

    An eye cather in your interior.

    Love this child.


  • SOLD


    A plastic one. Lovely for decoration.

    We had four of these; two left.

    By interest in a second one; please mail us.



    Chaise longue
    Chaise longue

    An unique piece in your interior. A cabinet maker had restored the bottom of it; so this makes it useable for daily use.

    He also made 4 wheels under it; golden so you can move it easily.

    An eye cather/ design object in your…

  • French pillow cover
    French pillow cover

    Such a beauty. With tule on the edges.

    So delicate

    Handmade old french one

    excl. filling

    Some tiny spots as you can see due to his age; no big damages

    measured without de tule edge 61,5x40,5

  • Chateau jardinière
    Chateau jardinière

    In perfect condition.

    Lovely HUGE one, in a beautiful colour and patina.

    It is a set of two, by interest for the other please mail us.




  • SOLD

    Mason ball pot
    Mason ball pot

    Beautiful azure blue.

    Sinc lid

    Lovely for a small bouquet of field flowers.

    Or use it in the kitchen. I have one myself for sucre.


  • SOLD

    French bonnet
    French bonnet

    Eye candy this many lovely details.

    Unique one.

    Lovely on a stand.

    In good condition for her age


  • SOLD


    Unique object

    Look at the glass pinacle on top.

    Is complete and no damages.

    A real eye cather on the dining table.


  • SOLD

    French applique lamp
    French applique lamp

    Images say it all.

    Unique french one

    Eye candy

    For at the wall. You need to have a electricity point at your wall

    wide 24.5

    high about 24,5 cm

  • French education board/poster - Système Metrique-  Paris
    French education board/poster - Système Metrique- Paris

    A really old french one. Big one. Love the patina and all the drawings.

    Linen at the back.

    Lovely in a design interior at a large big wall in kitchen; living or study room.

    Unique object

    Old black wood at the top and…

  • Jielde bureau lamp
    Jielde bureau lamp

    I have 3 of these in my home; love them. Design lamp. This one is a bit shabby as you can see on pic 3 and 4 but nothing special for this old ones. As you can see on the other pictures you can hardly see it at both sides only if…

  • SOLD

    Big amish star
    Big amish star

    Old one.

    Big one

    Lots op replica on the market so watch out.

    Lovely white one.


  • SOLD

    Antique ostrich set
    Antique ostrich set

    Really old ones as you can see.

    Lovely set.

    We have never spotted these before

    Price for the two.




    Memorial heart
    Memorial heart

    A real old one; no replica.

    You see these often in replica this is a real french old one.

    Lovely and unique decoration I think


  • SOLD

    Baby bell cloche
    Baby bell cloche

    A little sister of the famous big melon cloches.

    We never spotted these small ones before.

    A lovely size for on the table

    Old watergreen glass



  • Foodcover

    Large oval size. Old one

    on pic 3 some tiny spots due to his age.

    Lovely on the table or in the kitchen.



  • French frame
    French frame

    How I love this frames. Pure and natural at your wall. This frame is a bit shabby so it really tells a story. The card from Hans Blomquist is a gift with the frame, for decoration.


  • Old french ornament
    Old french ornament

    So decorative. Really an old one. Even the bottem is beautiful decorated.

    Handmade old wood and handpainted.

    Almost an art object I think



  • Bronze heart
    Bronze heart

    We rarely see them in bronze.

    Lovely to collect some of these.

    Beautiful decoration in a french vase.


  • Old flock camel
    Old flock camel

    A big size. You can see on pic 3 how big.

    Old one

    Lovely for Christmas


  • Soupière

    With nuts at the handles. Lovely one. Has had one reperation at the lit, see pic. 3



  • Old french mirror
    Old french mirror

    Complete with the old mirror glass inside. Sllightly weathered. Love this one.

    Lovely to collect some of these together.


  • French lace blouse
    French lace blouse

    Images say it all! In lovely condition with beautiful details.

    Love this one

  • Wax bow
    Wax bow


  • French soda bottle
    French soda bottle

    In beautiful sea blue glass. Dated 1941


  • Set of two candle sticks
    Set of two candle sticks

    Beautiful set of 2. Mostly you see one not a pair. Lovely french atmosphere in your home, beautiful decoration. For candle sticks.



  •  Antique french large bowl
  • French corset
    French corset

    Lovely one in naturel with green ribbon.

    Behind a bit loose, but you can easily repair this.


  • Epaulettes

    In original state. Silve threat. For decoration. Timeless set of two



    French angel painting
    French angel painting

    Unique one. Looks not so big on the picture but a really good size

    On a panel


  • Framed flower wreath
    Framed flower wreath

    In a gilded frame this beautiful flower wreath.

    Real french


  • Huge candle stick  XXL size
  • Antique french side table
    Antique french side table

    I immediately fell in love for this one. A real beauty. Has some small damages/spots due to his age, but nothing big. Marble on top.

    Love this beauty.



  • Antique soda bottle PARIS
    Antique soda bottle PARIS

    A beauty with blue glass in a special frame. Marked Paris


  • Bronze angel
    Bronze angel

    Unique object in your interior

    Has a damage on his knee and missing the point of his arrow but look how gorgeous!

    Unique piece

    price bit reduced


  • French jardinière.  Round model
    French jardinière. Round model

    A real beauty! In lovely condition, complete with the inner side. Lovely to fill with plants or candles.



  • Baby bell/ cloche
    Baby bell/ cloche

    Old one from France; baby sister from the antique melon cloches. Lovely old watergreen glass. Lovely with a light string under it or little plants under it.

    No damages.

    Lovely small size.



  • French hat stander
    French hat stander

    No words needed......a real beauty.


  • French old huge glass/vase/bowl
    French old huge glass/vase/bowl

    With hearts and the text; souvenir. Lovely for a wedding or party. Also useable as a flower vase.

    On pic. 3 you can see how big this rare beauty is. We never saw it this big before. A soupbowl is standing next to it.



  • Thick old french wooden cutting board
    Thick old french wooden cutting board

    It really is a lovel big one. You cannot see how beautiful it on the pics. Really old used wood. A good big size and a thick and solid one.

    Beautiful on your table with candles on it or place a vase with flowers on it. A lovely…

  • Butterfly vitrine
    Butterfly vitrine

    With the most beautiful colours


  • Small pastel portrait
    Small pastel portrait

    Lovely french lady in pastel. Look at the details in the dress.

    A beauty.

    Frame at the underside a bit chippy, nothing big


  • French mirror
    French mirror

    I love this one; the frame, lovely patine and the old mirror glass.

    You can stand it or hang it on your wall.

    French beauty.


  • French beehive
    French beehive

    Unique item, old french one.

    Art piece.

    Love these items


  • Fireplace ornemants
    Fireplace ornemants

    Lovely women set. Mostly we see men.

    Stylish and timeless ornaments.

    Set of two



  • Set of two french candle sticks
    Set of two french candle sticks

    Beautiful french set of two.

    How beautiful are they.

    Lovely on a chique table.

    In lovely flower form and the patina is so great.


  • Silk bodice
    Silk bodice

    Small size.

    In lovely condition for her age

  • Large wreath of ivy
    Large wreath of ivy

    Large one in lovely black. How beautiful in this time of year.

    In your home as outside a beauty


  • French antique bowl
    French antique bowl

    Love the details and patina.

    Has a hairline

    Lovely for serving an autumn soup in.



  • French jardinière
    French jardinière

    Beautiful one in a lovely colour and patina. In good condition, no damages. Always a perfect item. On a table, on a console in your garden or in the hall.

    Stylish and timeless object

  • Heart bronze
    Heart bronze

    In bronze we find them rarely. Love this green patin of the bronze.

    Lovely for decoration.

    Just the right colour for this time of year.


  • Long french antique table
    Long french antique table

    Images say it all. A real unique long one. A beauty. With drawers on both sides. The wood and patin is gorgeous. Solid table and heavy.

    We are situated in Holland

    You have to transport is yourself to your home…

  • Old french candle stick
    Old french candle stick

    Love these ones.

    Timeless object


  • Old french double bass
    Old french double bass

    Huge beautiful item in your interior Stylish, classic. Old one from France.

    Unique object in your interior

    1.65m high

    wide 66cm

    deep 18,5cm

  • French vase
    French vase

    With lovely patine.


    € 39,95
  • French jardiniere
    French jardiniere

    We never saw this one before. The lovely details and the beautiful handles.

    Lovely and stylish on a high console in your home



  • Big confit pot
    Big confit pot

    These are always perfect. Timeless beauty. With flowers or pure.

    Love this pot.

    Has a line but solid


  • Design vase/ jar Willy Guhl
    Design vase/ jar Willy Guhl

    Images say it all. Love this one.

    Huge vase/ size.

    We also have one ourselves. Timeless object in your interior.

    With a fig tree, or an olive tree or place a huge branch from the hogweed in it.


    46 cm…

  • French portrait
    French portrait

    Old one. Lovely small size.

    Has some damages, see pics but this gives it her charm. Nothing big


  • Sofa doll
    Sofa doll

    Lovely french lady with long white hair.

    She only misses one finger tip on one hand.

    Handpainted face


  • French signboard
    French signboard

    Old one from wrought iron

    Lovely for decoration


  • Pastel portrait -french-
    Pastel portrait -french-


    on cardboard

    lovely french lady


  • Antique french horse
    Antique french horse

    Love the patin in white and soft green tones.

    Real beauty.

    You can also remove the front legs, but that is up to you.

    We like it this way.

    Large size


  • Religous ornament XXXL
    Religous ornament XXXL

    Madonna more than 1m high. A real beauty

    Some small chips nothing big.

    Really old one, no replica


    1.02m high

  • French wine table
    French wine table

    A lovely royal size this table. Not a small size. You can even use this as a dining table.

    Foldable and the patina is really beautiful.



  • Designer chair
    Designer chair

    Antique and unique item. We never seen these before. We had 4 this is the 3th for sale. So by interest we have 2.

    Lovely white dark green patine. On 3th picture you can see that it is used very much, the sitting is distressed but…

  • L'anduze pot XL size
    L'anduze pot XL size

    Lovely old one for an olive tree or a fig tree. Lovely colour and patina.

    Has one damage on the side, not visible at the front and back. Still solid and stable, due to his age

    Price reduced

    high 36 cm

    wide 38 cm

  • Locker

    Metal one. Lovely in the living, hallway or in the bedroom



  • Oval terrine
    Oval terrine

    Oval terrine, Beauty! Terrine complete in tact. Pic 3 you can see that it had a reparation at the button.

    Now solid again



  • Armand marseille doll
    Armand marseille doll

    Rare one. We see them sometimes but not in such a small size. The smaller the rarer. Look at all the precious details; the shoes, her skirt, her face.


    24/25 cm high

  • French hocker
    French hocker

    A real beauty in powdered patine. Solid and suitable for daily use.

    Antique one.



  • French antique bench
    French antique bench

    Webbing sitting. Lovely details in the wood. In good condition.

    A beauty.

    66cm high


  • French table
    French table

    In lovely peach colour. A real beauty. High model. Lovely with a antique french vase on it.

    Has tiny wheels so easy to move.



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