Home accessoires

  • Iron step
    Iron step

    Lovely iron/metal step; not suitable to stand up but an extra decoration spot.


    € 35,00
  • Antique beehive
    Antique beehive

    Old wickerwork beehive with sandy loom. A real old one. Art object. On pic 3/4 you can see a damage in the wickerwork due to the age of this beauty.

    big one

    h38 incl upper branch 52


    € 175,00
  • Elephant

    Images say it all!

    A lovely decorative one.


    € 125,00
  • Fireboks

    Lovely set with the most beautiful patina.

    In tact.

    Stylish in your interior

    Set of 2

    € 65,00
  • Console

    Not antique this is brocant. Old one. We think still in primer. You can use it this way or paint it in your favorite colour.

    Back side is the same as the front side. The sides are just straight and simple

    We have 2 of these; bij…

    € 59,95
  • Vase

    Lovely french one with gorgeous patina. Lovely with spring bulbs in it

    about 20cmh

    € 35,00
  • Confit jar
    Confit jar

    Always stylish. Timeless beauty.

    Has one damage see picture 2; nothing big.

    Love this beauty.

    BIG size


    € 85,00
  • XL Latern
    XL Latern

    Beautiful BIG one. A statement in your interior. Has no glass in it. A lovely latern for in your windowsill or for on your dining table.

    Love this one.

    You can place candles in it or a lovely plant.


    € 125,00
  • Coral ornament
    Coral ornament

    Big one. Can stand alone

    See second pic; missing a chip but this is a natural object so fragile and there are always parts missing


    € 65,00
  • Old console table
    Old console table

    Lovely old one. Small upper top so a ideal size for a console idea. Place a statue on it/ a bunch of flowers/ a plant or a bust on it.

    Upper top has some rust but in tact. Love the patina.

    Solid one and stable.

    Lovely next to…

    € 79,00
  • Lampes des roses
    Lampes des roses

    They used to be real lamps; we don't know if they work at the moment but if you are a bit handy you can make them work again.

    But now they are beautiful already for decoration. Hang them at your wall or decorate them in a french…

    € 119,00
  • Classic pot
    Classic pot

    Small size. Stone ware. In lovely condition. Always good. For springflowers or in the kitchen for spoons.

    Timeless beauty


    € 12,50
  • La moisson
    La moisson

    Unique terracotta bust/statue. Big huge size. Lovely on a console I think. A real eye cather in your interior.

    Bronzed. On picture 3 you see the right colour the best.

    Numbered and signed.

    In lovely condition.


    € 139,00
  • Vintage letter
    Vintage letter

    Vintage. Big one. Hot at the moment. Can stand or hang at your wall.

    Love this decoration.

    Light metal one.

    Big size


    € 35,00
  • Old round bottle
    Old round bottle

    Love these old round ones. Always decorative. In beautiful watergreen old glass with bells.

    Lovely with a single blossom branch.


    € 65,00
  • Rose quartz
    Rose quartz

    A big/huge one. 8 kilo's so you can imagine it is a big one.

    Love this big piece of design.

    Old one from France.

    As you can see on pic. 3 it needs a small stand to make it beautiful straight. It can stand alone but it goes a…

    € 125,00
  • Buste

    Love this beauty. A lovely light patina. Very decorative in your interior.


    € 85,00
  • Jaw fossil
    Jaw fossil

    Old one; big one. Very decorative and stylish in your interior. Love to place this on a standard for a real design/art object.

    Love the colour of this object.


    € 35,00
  • Mini buste
    Mini buste

    Very stylish one on your coffee table.

    A brocant one

    see pic 2 you can see a bit glue; if this is original......just to say

    pic 3: 2 tiny chips; nothing big


    € 19,95
  • Presse papier
    Presse papier

    Stylish object on your coffee table.

    Love the yellow/orange/gold colour.

    Big heavy object.


    circumference 28/29cm

    € 19,95
  • Old french hat mold/model
    Old french hat mold/model

    How beautiful this one is. In a beautiful hat form. A heavy item made from plaster and a kind of fabric on the outside.

    Love the paleness of this one and the patina.

    Stylish decoration object.



    € 119,00
  • Old globe
    Old globe

    Love this one so much! The colour of this globe is amazing. Look at all the pictures. It is a shabby one and has damages. This makes him even more beautiful.


    h: 55,5cm

    € 275,00
  • Bronze plaque
    Bronze plaque

    Lovely small one.

    A beauty for decoration; like on your coffee table.

    Love the patina.

    size follows z.s.m.ongeveer van 10x17

    € 35,00
  • Green old drawer
    Green old drawer

    Lovely colour this time of year.

    Fill it with some green plants or fill it with your plaids.

    Not suitable for heavy stuff.

    The bottom is original in tact but as you can see not thick and suitable for heavy things.


    € 25,00
  • Vintage letter E
    Vintage letter E

    Love this big one from metal. Lovely decorative in a design interior'/modern interior or vintage style.


    € 35,00
  • Vintage wallpaper
    Vintage wallpaper

    In lovely pink.

    Lovely for at the back of a cabinet.

    Or make a stroke at your wall.

    Complete roll of 10 meter

    € 15,00
  • French chalise vase
    French chalise vase

    Stylish and timeless object. The glass is lovely decorated.

    Lion feet

    € 119,00
  • Candlestick

    White glass

    Lovely in a design/antique/brocante interior


    € 39,95
  • Fil de fer rack
    Fil de fer rack

    In good condition; not rusty and in tact. Lovely object for glasses with waxines in it or glasses with field flowers.

    Or place it in the kitchen for all your oil bottles.



    € 55,00
  • Old french menu card
    Old french menu card

    Price per piece.

    Old french ones from a hotel/ chateau

    Lovely for decoration

    Each one has a lovely menu on the card.


    € 3,50
  • Ammonite

    Big piece of 6 kilo in lovely chalk white.

    Big piece of art/design on your coffee table


    € 95,00
  • Old witch ball
    Old witch ball

    Lovely weathered mecure glass ball.

    Lovely for decoration.

    10cm high

    circumference 34 cm

    € 39,00
  • Flock monkey
    Flock monkey

    Always lovely decoration I think.

    Or collect some more animals.

    On the second pic you can see a tiny size next to it so it is a bigger one.


    € 35,00
  • Hand


    Huge object.

    Art en design object I think

    Not antique as you can see; brocant

    But a lovely unique statement in your interior.

    On pic; 3 you can see a bunch of grapes next to it so you can see it is a BIG…

    € 139,00
  • Latern

    In a lovely grey/silver patin.

    Glass all in tact.

    Stable and solid.

    Always good


    € 45,00
  • Enamel jug
    Enamel jug

    Lovely old one.

    Bottom a bit rusty

    Still beautiful with field flowers in it.


    € 25,00
  • Gravure - PARIS-
    Gravure - PARIS-

    Beautiful and decorative.

    Old one.



    € 22,50
  • Globe - PARIS-
    Globe - PARIS-

    A real old/antique one. From about 1850. Papier maché

    A desigin object in your interior.

    Marked PARIS

    h 30

    circumference 100 cm

    € 175,00
  • Ornament - Lion-
    Ornament - Lion-

    Old french piece. Lovely patina.


    Lions head.

    Lovely to decorate with


    € 19,95
  • Grape bunch
    Grape bunch

    Of rose quartz

    Rose is hot at the moment.

    Lovely for decoration.

    14 cm big

    € 55,00
  • Crystal stone
    Crystal stone

    Big piece.

    With a light sparkle

    Love the patina.

    Very decorative on your coffee table.


    € 35,00
  • Sinc french ornament
    Sinc french ornament

    Very decorative on a french vase.

    Lovely french ornament


    € 35,00
  • French bronze harvesting candle holder/ branch of grapes
    French bronze harvesting candle holder/ branch of grapes

    French harvesting candle holder for 5 candle sticks. Look at all the details.

    Very decorative in a french vase or make it on a stander/foot so that it can stand itself.


    € 179,00
  • Rhino

    Covered with leather.

    Not real old but a lovely eye cather I think in your interior.

    Big one

    Love this.


    € 55,00
  • Huge bunch of grapes
    Huge bunch of grapes

    From albast stone. A huge size. A real eye cather in your interior. I have one myself in a big marble mortar looks awesome.

    The wood is old french real wood from the grapes bush.

    Real design object


    € 189,00
  • Cloche

    From tin and this is totally hot again.

    Marked and numbered.

    You can also hang this one at the wall.

    Look at the unique detailed grip

    w 36x28,5

    € 149,00
  • Old window ornament
    Old window ornament

    Love the patina from the wood.

    The back side is even more beautiful than the front side; so difficult to choose.

    Love the iron in it.

    Lovely in front of your window.


    € 85,00
  • Plant furniture
    Plant furniture

    Lovely old french one. In white.


    Lovely for a line of plants or candle sticks.

    Sinc tray inside.

    Only suitable for light decoration

    It is in tact but fragile due to his long small legs.

    rek 82,5h w28,5 l1.02

    € 98,00
  • World globe
    World globe

    Old french one.

    Very stylish in every interior.

    Has a small damage but it is an old one.

    Not very big.

    Eye cather in your home


    € 149,00
  • Latern

    French old one.

    Lovely in a sober interior. Was for oil but you can remove this and then suitable for a waxine.

    The front glass is in tact. The glass on the both sides are missing.

    Not cleaned yet; because some of you like it…

    € 39,00
  • Duck

    Stylish object in your interior.

    € 85,00
  • Fur

    Deerfriendly fur


    Has two sides you can use.

    Last pic is the other side.

    Lovely decoration


    € 65,00
  • Bust

    Brocant one; not an antique one. But really beautiful

    It is a heavy one from concrete

    Also lovely in your garden.

    Has one tiny spot at the back; see last pic.


    € 85,00
  • Crystal  decanter
    Crystal decanter

    Have a love for glass. Stylish and transparent. Love this one; like the colour and all the special details.

    Stylish and timeless object in your interior.

    Big size


    € 65,00
  • Swedish chalkboard
    Swedish chalkboard

    A bit shabby. Lovely in the kitchen this chalkboard.

    Was used on farms for the milk production of the cows.


    € 25,00
  • Antique fruit ornament
    Antique fruit ornament

    So beautiful.

    The fruit is made from delicate thin glass and all handpainted.

    Love this so much; unique item

    Timeless object in every interior.


    € 198,00
  • Antique pot
    Antique pot

    In dark green. We rarely see them in this beautiful colour.

    Has a line but I think this can last for years this way.

    We cannot see the line inside the pot.

    Lovely for an olive tree in it


    € 55,00
  • Blue soda bottle
    Blue soda bottle

    Timeless and stylish.

    Always beautiful

    Love this colour of the glass.


    € 65,00
  • French flower candle stick
    French flower candle stick

    Totally french this lovely black candle stick full of flowers.

    Love the patina.

    Place it full with candle sticks.

    Timeless beauty



    € 149,00
  • Antique model
    Antique model

    Really an antique mold/model. On this one 100 of baskets were made.

    Love this old wood

    Really an art object


    € 119,00
  • Old blue bottle
    Old blue bottle

    Lovely old pale blue glass with tekst.

    Lovely to collect these ones.

    about 15cm

    € 15,00
  • French bust
    French bust

    Always beautiful in every interior.

    Timeless and stylish in lovely naturel tones.

    Marked at the back


    € 125,00
  • Turtle

    Design/art. Old small one.

    Under a glass bell or place it on a standard


    € 35,00
  • Antique french bowl
    Antique french bowl

    Lovely old one. A real beauty in good condition.

    Stylish in your interior.



    € 65,00
  • French vase
    French vase

    Old blue french one. Lovely size.


    € 29,95
  • 18th century walnut oil jug
    18th century walnut oil jug

    Look how beautiful this one is. Love the patine. Good condition.

    Timeless object in your interior


    € 198,00
  • Wax bust
    Wax bust

    Had had a reperation at the shoulders but now solid and stable; good repaired.

    Lovely in a french vase for decoration or under a glass bell

    Do not place in the sun

    Signed at the back



    € 175,00
  • Antique railnumber
    Antique railnumber

    HUGE BIG and HEAVY. You can see how big on pic 3; a soupbowl is standig next to it. 18th century. Love the colours and patin.

    We have two; by interest for the 2nd one please mail us.



    € 239,00
  • French silver plated bowl
    French silver plated bowl

    To fill with nuts or fruit. Love this one. Look at all the details; the fruit details. the glass edge and the star in the middle.

    Stylish and timeless



    € 59,00
  • Poor men silver candle stick
    Poor men silver candle stick

    Old one; not a replica. Lovely with a candle in it.


    € 55,00
  • French blue glass carafe with glasses
    French blue glass carafe with glasses

    Lovely blue glass

    richly decorated

    price is for this set

    carafe 21,5h

    glasses 5,5h

    € 25,00
  • Antique french ornament
    Antique french ornament

    Antique ornament. We don't know exactly where it was used for.....we think for above a bed. It is handmade, fragile and not heavy at all. Bit shabby due to his age.

    I think this will look lovely at a wall

    € 75,00
  • Ciel de lit
    Ciel de lit

    Wood en gold.

    Has some missing chips in the middle by the decoration. Nothing big due to his age.

    Lovely in the master bedroom


    € 249,00
  • Blue price
    Blue price

    French a large one.

    Lovely for decoration.


    € 39,95
  • French champagne cooler
    French champagne cooler

    How beautiful and stylish this is......lovely for wine and champagne.

    Lovely for Christmas and other parties.



    € 149,95
  • Deer

    Deer from plaster with real antlers. Beautiful in this time of year. You can see op pic 3 that is has had a reperation. You can hardly see this on the front side. On the back side it is better to see, so it is a bit fragile there…

    € 125,00
  • Old french home art
    Old french home art

    Made formerly by someone in france.

    Carton with an antique picture


    lace on the edges

    € 10,00 € 7,50
  • Cristal stone
    Cristal stone

    Nowadays very hot in every interior. Very stylish such a stone on your coffee table

    Lovely to collect some more


    € 35,00
  • Hat mold
    Hat mold

    Plaster mold in a beautiful hat shape.

    Lovely for decoration



    € 75,00
  • Fur

    In white.

    Lovely for decoration


    € 25,00
  • French glass candlestick
    French glass candlestick

    Lovely one

    Glass is always stylish


    € 39,00
  • Set of horns
    Set of horns

    Lovely in this time of year.

    How decorative is this set.......

    Stylish set

    about 80 cm long

    € 98,00
  • Wax bust
    Wax bust

    Stylish and timeless object in your interior

    marked at the back

    Lovely wax statue on wooden foot


    € 125,00
  • Wooden ball
    Wooden ball

    Bowling ball size. Lovely old french one.

    Beautiful for decorating in a french vase.

    Old wood

    55,5 circumference

    € 45,00
  • Poormans silver goblet
    Poormans silver goblet

    Handpainted. Lovely together with some poormans candlesticks


    € 55,00
  • Parakeet

    Lovely for decoration.

    Under a glass bell or in a birdcage


    € 65,00
  • Wire rack
    Wire rack

    For all your glasses or places glass jars in it with waxines or flowers.

    Always love these french beauties



    € 39,95
  • Sud french huge pitcher
    Sud french huge pitcher

    Love this special colour. Vanilla yellow inside.

    Has one small chip, see pic. Still waterproof

    Lovely with field flower in it.

    Huge size


    sud french



    € 65,00
  • Plaque

    In a thin material sinc(?)

    Lovely patina, lovely for decoration.


    € 49,00
  • Antique witch ball
    Antique witch ball

    Silver one. Big size, not such a tiny one. Always beautiful. Lovely in a spittoon or place it below your chandelier or in a french vase.

    measured around 39


    € 45,00
  • Large old glass bottle
    Large old glass bottle

    Love these big ones. Old glass with bells.

    Lovely with a large branch in it.

    44/45 cm high

    € 49,95
  • Set of three bottles
    Set of three bottles

    Love this colour. Totally hot now this colour.

    Lovely with flowers in it.

    2 are 37 high

    1is 18,5h

    € 27,50
  • Soda bottle
    Soda bottle

    Beautiful one, complete!

    Love the iron around it.

    about 35 high

    english one

    € 65,00
  • French design candle stick
    French design candle stick

    We bought it in a french antique store. Love this design.

    In good condition.

    An eyecather in your interior.



    € 119,00 € 98,00
  • Puffer fish
    Puffer fish

    A huge one, not so tiny one. Love these. Place it on a standard. Design item in your interior.

    Combine it with coral



    € 45,00
  • Antique waxine holder
    Antique waxine holder

    In old green glass. Handmade so not straight and perfect round.




    € 14,50
  • Old big bowl
    Old big bowl

    In jeans blue. Lovely royal size. In good condition.

    For serving your appetizers



    € 25,00
  • Decorative ornament
    Decorative ornament

    Cast iron. Lovely patina. Beautiful. Love this one. Look at the lovely face in the middle.


    € 85,00
  • Angel ornament
    Angel ornament

    Love this old french one. Lovely size. Lovely patina with a bit gold rests.

    You can hang it or decorate it in a french vase


    € 119,00 € 109,00
  • Freeze

    In good condition. In lovely white. Beautiful in front of your window. Or for your garden or above a door.


    € 85,00
  • Fil de fer rack
    Fil de fer rack

    A big one, for lots of glasses. Place glasses with flowers in it, or candles.

    Lovely one.


    € 59,00
  • Beautiful ornament
    Beautiful ornament

    Beautiful olde one in pure wood with a with glow.

    Lovely for decoration in a french vase.


    € 35,00
  • Soft green drawer
    Soft green drawer

    Old one in a beautiful soft green. New bottom. Lovely to place your herbs and plants in it. Or use this one for all your magazines.


    € 25,00
  • Enamelled water resevoir
    Enamelled water resevoir

    In mint green with also a soap tray in the lit. Beautiful patina

    Unique set.


    water bin 38wide

    Water resevoir at the bottom bit rusty but in good state.

    € 198,00 € 179,00
  • Fossil

    I love these pieces. Stylish and classic. An art object I think.


    € 55,00
  • French bust
    French bust

    Huge size. Heavy and massive item. Beautiful to display this on a pedestal in your interior or hall way.

    Timeless, classic item.



    € 165,00
  • Vilted fur
    Vilted fur

    A deer friendly one. Vilted. Lovely on a hocker


    € 55,00
  • French clock
    French clock

    A large one. Lovely old one with beautiful patina and details

    wide 46,5

    € 119,00
  • Italian confit jar
    Italian confit jar

    How I love these pots. Timeless beauty



    € 125,00
  • French guirlande
    French guirlande


    Beauty for decoration


    € 55,00
  • Enameled carafe
    Enameled carafe

    A real beauty for the eye.


    € 55,00
  • Antique olive green bottle
    Antique olive green bottle


    € 17,50
  • Vilted fur
    Vilted fur


    € 55,00
  • Ornament


    € 25,00
  • French porselain flower
    French porselain flower


    french one porselain

    € 15,00
  • Ornament

    Lion head


    € 20,00
  • French stair ornament
    French stair ornament

    Lovely to decorate with. In the middle a beautiful grey green ornament

    Price per piece

    79,5 high

    € 15,00
  • Curtain weight
    Curtain weight
    € 15,00
  • French pot
    French pot
    € 55,00
  • Horn
    € 19,95
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